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We completed Fledge -
A Conscious Company Incubator!

HERE, Inc. is proud to have recently taken part in the inaugural cohort at Seattle’s Fledge Incubator! After an intense seven weeks, we presented at the Seattle Center’s Next 50, a celebration of commerce and innovation.


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What is it like to use HERE?!
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    When you navigate to a neighborhood with HERE, you’re landing on a location in the Street Network. We think of the Street Network as the online space for physical spaces on the Internet.


    There you'll find a “Discussion Wall” where you can post messages to all of the residents in that neighborhood. It's a convenient place to make announcements, get questions answered, or just reach out to say hello!


    Eventually, you’ll be able to use the Street Network to connect with people in every state, every street, and even inside office and apartment buildings. But for now, we’re unlocking one neighborhood at a time - so have your neighbors sign up and your area could be next!

    We are currently private beta testing for Eastlake residents in Seattle.


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About HERE, Inc.
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    Here, Inc. makes it easy to meet your neighbors. When you know your neighbors, whether they live or work next door, you’re helping to create stronger, safer, and more resilient communities in your city. Even better, it just feels good to live in a place with familiar faces.


    Today, it’s pretty easy to find people online that you’ve known from the past or recently met, but meeting the people you want to know in your neighborhood, your street, or your apartment building is a bit more of a challenge.


    Every community is different but you’ll always find a good mix of two kinds of people. There are the outgoing neighbors who love to get out onto the street and say hello to anyone passing by. These types may organize meetings or social events for the whole block. They love to know what’s going on and want to share it with everyone. The other kind are the private neighbors, who like their homes to be a quiet refuge from the stress of daily life. Private neighbors want to be in the loop, but going door to door to say hello isn’t always the activity they want to do most.


    HERE, Inc. bridges these two groups with an online social space that is linked to your physical location. Whether you’re outgoing or like to be the fly on the wall, you will find many comfortable and easy ways to use our platform to connect with the neighbors you haven’t met.

The Founders
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    If you live in Eastlake, Seattle, you’ve likely seen us in the past months talking and working out of our favorite local coffee shop, Voxx Coffee!


    Nina is the private neighbor who loves her quiet Eastlake apartment and happily spends time checking email in her neighborhood coffee shop on a rainy Saturday afternoon. After four years of living in her adoptive home of Seattle, she fits right in with a passion around social innovation, an MBA in sustainable business, and a smart phone glued to one hand.


    Sean is a New Yorker through and through with a long history of building community in every city he’s called home. He’s that social neighbor who loves to get out on the street, talk to everyone, and find out about the latest exciting event that’s happening around town! Just mix equal parts technologist, creative thinker, and social butterfly and you get an energetic visionary eager to make the world a better place with creative technology.

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    Welcome Eastlake, Seattle!


    Seattleites can get a bad rap sometimes. Newcomers and visitors may find us nice enough but moments later decide we’re a bit too aloof, indifferent, and even down-right flakey. Locals and transplants famously joke to one another about the “Seattle Freeze” - a short-cut way of saying native Seattleites take a little time to warm up.


    But after four years of calling Seattle my home, I’ve come to learn that Seattleites are anything but cold or indifferent. Seattle is made up of amazing neighborhoods, each with its own feel and flavor. Every neighborhood, from Wallingford to West Seattle, is chock full of neighbors, community organizers, and neighborhood bloggers buzzing about big ideas and the great outdoors. As a city, we don’t just engage locally, we engage globally. Seattle is home to numerous international non-profits and companies that have made a lasting impression on the world. We’re a young city with ambitions for sustainability and social change.


    Still, even an over-educated technology mecca like Seattle, needs a little help in breaking the proverbial ice. For example, a good friend of mine decided to throw a party for his West Seattle block and wound up introducing two neighbors who had never met after living next door for eight years! It was a revelation and the beginning of an annual event that brought the neighbors of that street together year after year.


    At HERE, Inc. we’re figuring out the best way for neighbors to meet each other by integrating two spheres where we spend a lot of time connecting: the physical world and the digital world. We think if technology could be part of breaking the ice, we could enhance the many ways in which people meet their neighbors on the local level.

    So, to start on this neighborly journey, we’ve chosen Eastlake to be our first test neighborhood in Seattle!


    Welcome Eastlake! I’ve called you home for two years and I’m excited to see how you like using our community hub for meeting other Eastlake residents.






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